Traditional medicine is where a patient makes a physician appointment, drives to an office, sits in a waiting room and then is eventually seen in an office by a physician. After which they drive home again, frequently after stopping for a meal! Telemedicine uses smart phones, tablets and computers to allow a physician visit to occur wherever the patient happens to be when logging onto the system through the internet.
No. Most initial appointments will need to be in the traditional manner and even some follow-up appointments. However, many routine visits – for example, routine medication refill and study/lab follow-ups will easily accommodate this growing technology. As technology continues to advance – even this might change!
Absolutely. There are a variety of tests that can be performed in your own home in your own bed! This testing is now accepted by insurance companies to support treatment options. However, home sleep testing is not for everyone. Some patients who have a sleep problem and some cardiac and lung conditions can only be adequately served in a formal sleep lab. Home testing would be discussed on an individual basis.